Taiko Beat

Composer: Koki Suzuki
Composition date:
License: (c) Koki Suzuki. Use with proper credit.


Originally appeared on Rolling Thunder: http://www.Taiko.com

This song was contributed by Mr. Koki Suzuki, President of Suzuki Taiko Ten and the leader of Ohmagari Taiko Dojo. While this song is freely distributable, the copyright remains with Mr. Suzuki, and he should be credited where appropriate.

The top line of each staff indicates the shime-daiko part. The middle line of each staff indicates the chu-daiko part. The bottom line of each staff indicates the odaiko part.


Scores, notes, and audio files to help learn this piece.

Notation PDF: Taikobeat-KokiSuzuki

This song was originally contributed to the Rolling Thunder http://www.taiko.com Resources, and is posted here as part of the www.kimipark.com resource archive effort.

Files for this song can be found at Rolling Thunder: http://www.taiko.com/taiko_resource/sheet_music.html


2010 Crespi Taiko Drum Corps – Taiko Beat

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The Rolling Thunder page containing information about Koki Suzuki resources. http://www.taiko.com/taiko_resource/sheet_music.html

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