Taiko Backbeats App

Developer: Allen Liu
Release Date: 2017
License: (c)2017 Allen Liu. All rights reserved. Use with Proper Credit. For more information and to share comments or suggestions contact developer at: dokodon.com


From developer Allen Liu…

Taiko Backbeats started out as a personal project since I mostly practice by myself. Then I figured other folks may find it useful as well, so I cleaned it up and decided to share it with the taiko community. This will forever be a work in progress. Please feel free to email me if you have any comments, suggestions or any other ideas that you would like to share.

Taiko Backbeats let’s you use one of several common taiko Ji patterns, or, make your own!

Features include:

  • Preset or Custom Ji
  • Continuous Play
  • Adjustable Tempo
  • Hit Strength (Example: don vs. DON)
  • Chu Sound
  • Shime Sound
  • Ka Sound
  • Vocal Hup
  • Save Settings
  • Reload Settings


Access app online: http://dokodon.com

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