Composer: Shoji Kameda
Conceived by: Bryan Yamami
Additional Choreography: Yuta Kato
Notation Developed by: Jeanne Kiyan and Jennifer Baik
Composition Date: 2004
License: (c)2004 Shoji Kameda. Use with proper credit.


Omiyage, meaning “gift” was created as a gift to the whole Taiko community.


Scores, notes, and audio files to help learn this piece.

Complete learning resources, videos, and step by step instructions at

Past resources…
01.OmiyageCover: Includes information and history about the piece.
02.OmiyageChudaiko: Chu notation.
03.OmiyageShimeOkedo: Shime/Okedo notation.
OmiyageShimeOrder-062513: Shime part order learning helper.



Here are a few examples of TAIKOPROJECT’s arrangements of Omiyage, starting with the most recent and going back to the original version. Over the years, we have been able to refine many of the Omiyage patterns, movements, and choreography. We have also created numerous arrangements from full ensemble versions to small-ensemble versions. The taiko community is free to use any of these, or come up with your own!

There are also many other taiko groups that love to play Omiyage! Check out a few of their videos here:

See Also – Yukai Daiko’s page on Omiyage

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