Composer: Wendy?Jedli?ka
Composition date: 2012
License: Creative Commons Share Alike.


From composer Wendy Jedli?ka…

When originally creating the Matsuri entry for TaikoSource, I wanted to find out who wrote the song “Matsuri” I was taught when I first started taiko here in the US. My sources noted though: “There really isn’t one song in the way we understand in North America. In Japan, every village has their own Matsuri based on familiar Bon Odori rhythms and new patterns added to express local culture. So really, just write your own.” So I did.

Starting with the familiar “Don Don Don kara kaka, Don Don (tsu), Don Don kara kaka” I pulled together phrases from the Matsuri solo I’ve been doing since 1998. I’m offering my Masuri-Too (Matsuri Yi)* as a starting place for new groups, and welcome players to build and change this song to express your own local culture. Enjoy!

*Have a better translation for Masuri-Too (Matsuri Yi)? Drop me a note… contact [at] taiko [dot] biz



Scores, notes, and audio files to help learn this piece.

Notation PDF: Matsuri-Too-Jedlicka2015




Stay tuned…


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