Kuchishoga Periodic Table

Author: Kristofer Bergstrom, taiko.la
Date: 2015
(First appearance 2012, http://onensemble.org/2012/12/work-in-progres-squarepusher/)
License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike International 4.0


The Kuchishoga Periodic Table is a graphic notation system for taiko — including kuchishoga — for documentation and communication of a wide variety of sounds on the Taiko drum as well as movements.

Notation PDF:? kuchishoga_periodic_table_150621
Draft ver. 150621. Posted with permission.

For ongoing updates visit:
Kris’ Blog (Coming soon…)


Example of pieces using this notation system

Early sketches:

Refined piece:

From Kris…
Squarepusher score: squarepusher_score_121230
Here is a very rough draft of the score for the piece [Squarepusher using the Kuchishoga Periodic Table Notation]. It’s incomplete in parts and hasn’t been split properly into pages, but for the brave taiko explorer, it has the tone and sticking notation.

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