Kuchi-shōga?(shouga), kuchi shoka (shouka), kuchi showa (shouwa) — “mouth writing”, “mouth singing”, “mouth chatter”; mnemonic system of vocalizing taiko sounds and patterns in a type of solfege solmization; part of the oral tradition in teaching/learning Japanese music; different instruments have their own vocabulary (e.g. shime-daiko, chu-daiko, atarigane, fue); different groups or regions may use different vocabularies as well; thetaiko adage, “if you can say it, you can play it” is an expression referred to learning kuchi shoga first before playing it on a drum. (From www.kimipark.com Glossary)

Kuchi-shōga Pages

Rolling Thunder Learning Taiko
Grid broken into instrument type, includes listening exercises.?http://www.taiko.com/taiko_resource/learn.html

Tatsumaki Taiko
Sounds used in teaching taiko by kuchi showa.?http://users.lmi.net/taikousa/taiko_rudiments.html

Rudiments showing kuchi showa in use.?http://users.lmi.net/taikousa/taiko_rudiments.html


Kuchi Shoga practice during STI 2009

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