Kasabayashi (Taiko, Fue, Dance)

Composer: Kaoru Watanabe (music), Chieko Kojima (dance)
Composition date: 2007
License: (c)2007 Kaoru Watanabe (music), Chieko Kojima (dance). Use with proper credit.


Backstory courtesy of Kaoru Watanabe…

In 2007 Kaoru Watanabe and Chieko Kojima were developing a concept for a two person?Kodo Arts Sphere America (KASA) workshop tour across the US and Canada. Both Watanabe and Kojima had studied and performed a wide array of traditional pieces. Developing the workshop, Watanabe and Kojima wanted to make sure ancestral heritage would not be distributed inappropriately, being sensitive to local practitioners of traditional repertoire. Workshop participants however, favored pieces they could eventually perform. With the idea of sharing the flavor of what they had learned over the years respectfully, Watanabe and Kojima attempted to create a new piece that captures some of the essence of the traditional performing arts. Both the music and choreography for Kasabayashi enjoy influences from Tsugaru Teodori (from Aomori) as well as two dances from Iwate Prefecture, Kurokawa Sansa Odori and Nanazumai.

The goal of Kasabayashi is to be a piece that is both simple enough to be taught in one session, but interesting enough to encourage people to perform it. The composers wanted a piece that all of the participants in their workshops could perform together — dance, fue, and taiko.? They called it Kasabayashi because in all the ways mentioned above, it shares KASA’s vision of facilitating intercultural exchanges and communication between Japanese and American taiko players and communities.


Notation PDF: Kasabayashi-Watanabe2007


Kasabayashi (Taiko plus fue, no dance)

Kasabayashi (with dance) and an Odaiko Sonora arrangement.


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