Composer: Jordan Tani
Composition date: 2013
License: (c)2013 Jordan Tani.
Creative Commons Share Alike.
If altering this composition, please be sure to contact composer. He’d really love to see what you do with this! (See composer’s other song — Aeration — on this database for contact information.)


From composer Jordan Tani…

Kamaitachi are a type of yokai that are embodiments of the wind. In lore, they are characterized by attacking travelers leaving them with a distinct characteristic of sharp pains but no wounds to show for it. This piece is inspired by the Hida Province interpretation. Kamaitachi attack in a trio: the first uses large gusts of wind to knock down the traveler, the second attacks with sharp blades, and the third heals the wounds.

The piece translates the Hida interpretation through the three naname players, each embodying a characteristic in play style, performance, and kata. Solos are also a unique way in which these unique characteristics may be displayed. Kamaitachi is a very malleable song and can be played in many formats for a variety of performance requirements, in a bare bones performance it can be performed with as little as the 3-naname and 1-shime.

For information regarding learning and performing the piece, contact the composer for additional help and opportunities to learn in-person, including workshops or private sessions.


Scores, notes, and audio files to help learn this piece.

Downloadable Audio Tracks…

Downloadable PDF Score/Parts…

Individual Parts…




Composer notes…

This is the original 2013 version and has since been edited in the development section from solos until the main reprise. I hope to have a recent video up soon.

Kamaitachi can predominantly be found within Asayake Taiko’s repertoire and during their annual concerts. http://asayaketaiko.ucsd.edu/#/

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