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About The Song Database

The Song Database is a place to share Taiko songs (or just some fun grooves) with the Global Taiko Community.

An Invitation

The Song Database Project is reaching out to you to ask if you have not only songs written specifically for sharing, but songs you’ve been playing forever, songs you’ve shelved, or student written songs, that you have clear ownership of (or CreativeCommons) and wouldn’t mind sharing with the Taiko Community.

Even if you just have some loose “sketches,” just a cool Ji to share, a new arrangement of one of the Database songs, or a video of your group performing one of the Database songs — we want those too!

The idea of the project is to archive, share, and preserve the connection to the original composers, give them proper credit — all while building a catalog of songs the community can draw-from — a starting place players, teachers, and groups can use to connect with each other and build on.

If you have songs you might share, but under specific conditions (people should take your workshop first, or contact you for performance permission), we’d love to know about those songs too! We’ll simply post a simple song entry with use-conditions and contact information (see Yodan and Ei Ja Nai Ka in the Song Database), rather than the full sharing entry with notation PDFs and videos Copyleft and Use-with-Credit songs have.

To have your song added to the Database, follow the instructions in the “Submit a song” link at the top of the Song Entry page.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Your help with this project is — really — appreciated.

Domo arigato gozaimashita!


Essay on taiko and “copyleft”

Copyleft license favored by Kris Bergstrom
http://k– — Click Taiko Sharewear (and other site links) for practice gear how-to’s, free taiko-wear patterns, and free/cheap (but awesome) online music tools. — the original Taiko resource in North America.

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