Tying a Shime-daiko

Perhaps one of the hardest yet consistently over-looked taiko equipment-related items is the method for tying a?shime-daiko. In order to assist you in figuring this process out, we have gathered materials shared by various artists on the internet.

Tatejime & Yokojime

First are two videos linked by?Art Lee and members of his ensemble Wadaiko Tokara, initially shared with the Facebook Taiko Community:

We begin with a video about?tatejime, the first phase of shime tying described in the description of the video as “the method of going from separated shells, skins and rope to having a shime taiko drum ready for tuning and playing.

Next is?yokojime, the two-person of tuning and tightening the drum

One-person Tying Technique With Clamps

Jan Andrzejewski posted to the Taiko Community his one-person tying technique that involves using clamps.?The?photo guide can be found on Pintrest.

He recommends using Irwin Quick-grip XP600 clamps.

The TIASOU Method

Kris Bergstrom, of the Los Angeles Taiko Institute, has creating a one-person tying method he calls The TIASOU Method. He has distributed a series of PDF guides for the method according to the Creative Commons “Share-Alike” license, and has given us permission to upload the PDfs here.
Part I – TIASOU Method Introduction

Part II – Preparing the Drum

Part III – Tightening, Stage One

Part IV – Tightening, Stage Two

Part V – Advanced Techniques

Part VI – Drum Repair

About Kris’s TIASOU Method Workshops

Please note that the contact information found within these PDFs is out of date. If you have questions about The TIASOU Method, you can contact Kris via the LATI Contact page.


The online learning platform kaDON has a 2-lesson instructional course on Shime Tightening, taught by Kenny Endo.


Please note that?these videos can only be viewed by kaDON subscribers.

Other Videos

Megan Chao Smith posted a video on YouTube of members of Shidara tying a shime-daiko, with commentary:

Members of UCLA Yukai Daiko have also uploaded a demonstration video to YouTube:

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