Taiko Goods Guide

Taiko Goods Guide
A handy PDF to post in your Dojo or Studio to guide people back to this website. In addition, the PDF has active form fields (and lines to hand write-in if you like) to include info about your local taiko goods makers. The PDF also has a how-to guide for measuring your feet when buying tabi.

Download here…TaikoWareWearWhereToGet.PDF




Rubber soled tabi for taiko, cloth and leather soled tabi for dance, festival wear, happi coats, hanten, kimonos, tekkou, hakama, obi, zori, getta, dance props.

Taiko Center Co, Ltd.
English-language Website:
Japanese-language Online Shop:
English-language Online Shop:


United States
Rubber soled tabi for taiko and other activities. Plus thick tabi socks. For patterned tabi/flip-flop socks search

Los Angeles, CA
Tacks, Rope, Straps, Bachi, Bags, Percussion Instruments, and More

Perfect Harmony Taiko Store
Berkeley, CA
Taiko Tacks & Handles, Bachi, and Misc. Percussion Instruments

Sou Sou US Online Store
San Francisco, CA / Kyoto, Japan
Plain and Patterned Tabi, plus Japanese Apparel for Everyday Wear

Taiko Jinsei (
Minneapolis, MN
Weather Resistant Bachi Bags, Katsugi Straps, Shumoku (Atarigane Mallets), Atarigane and Chappa Bags, Taiko Wear, and Free Taiko Stuff

Taiko Mom
Bachi bags

Taiko With Toni
Denver, CO
Weather Resistant Bachi Bags, Taiko Bags, Atarigane and Chappa Bags. Custom Katsugi Straps.

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