Decoration: Tips and Tricks

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Screen Printing

Step-by-Step Instructions Screen Printing DVD

Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink 16oz. Jars

Hot screen-printing tip for light colors on dark fabrics:

1) Be sure all excess dye has been washed-out of the fabric first.

2) Have your screen frame on a removable-pin hinge arrangement (to change colors if you like) so you can use a blow drier to dry the ink a bit (hold a piece of cardboard to shield the screen from the drying air) and then do a second hit of the same light color. This technique in the trade is called “same color double hit with spot-drying.”

3) Water-based inks are usually heat cured. This is great because the more you iron the fabric, all you’re really doing is “setting” the ink. Note: over time though light colors will start to break-down with too much direct ironing.

Iron On Transfers

Epson Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper & T-Shirts

Hot heat-transfer tip for light colors on dark fabrics:

1) Apply a blank white transfer behind any other transfer you use. Be aware though, that heat-transfer images CANNOT be ironed once applied. Hot driers too will break the image down. Use this decoration type with extreme caution.

Screen Printing

This has been advertised on TV, and actually looks pretty good for people who have never done screen printing (silk screen) before.

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