TaikoSource is dedicated to the development of information resources about taiko performance, exploring the various mediums within which taiko drums are used. Beyond the contemporary taiko performance that has spread around the world (including the ensemble performance style often called “kumidaiko” or just “taiko”), you’ll also find information about matsuri-bayashi, hōgaku, and other historical usages of the drums.

We look to be the primary English-language resource about taiko performance, offering materials of interest to performers and audiences alike.

Have questions about TaikoSource? Contact us at “info @ www.kimipark.com” (remove the spaces and quotation marks).

About the TaikoSource staff:


Ben Pachter

Ben is an educator, musician, and scholar who is interested in taiko performance both as a life-long drummer – he has degrees in Orchestral Percussion Performance – and as an academic. In 2013, he received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology, writing his dissertation on the musical history of contemporary taiko performance in Japan and the United States. Presently, he’s interested in the development of performance practice, and repertoire, and the connections between older styles of Japanese music like matsuri-bayashi and?hōgaku-hayashi and the modern taiko styles.

He also is an active as a photographer and videographer of taiko performance and taiko history, helping to document events like the North American Taiko Conference, the East Coast Taiko Conference, and the European Taiko Conference. By documenting these events, he hopes to create records that will remind participants of what they experience while also sharing the experience with those who could not attend, as well as create something that can be looked back upon by future taiko performers.




Wendy Jedli?ka

By day Wendy Jedli?ka, CPP, is a packaging designer and sustainable design and business educator, but in most other waking moments, she’s a taiko fanatic. Taking-up taiko as a hobby in her mid-thirties, Wendy has studied with today’s taiko leaders since 1997. As an older player, Wendy is always on the lookout for ways to: improve as a performer; work around physical limitations; and stay healthy for the long-haul. Wendy is a founding member of Taikollaborative, a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN based community taiko group made-up of seasoned players from a variety of North American taiko groups. Taikollaborative performs taiko arrangements and collaborative worldbeat works, as well as nurturing the talents of modern composers — and comes together as a community through the love of rhythm and fun! https://www.facebook.com/taikollaborative/

Wendy is also the design and fabrication engine behind Taiko Jinsei (aka: taiko.biz) — a small but dedicated taiko accessory maker serving the global taiko community since 2003. http://www.taiko.biz


TaikoSource is a proud partner of the Taiko Community Alliance

TaikoSource is a proud partner of the Taiko Community Alliance


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